Sony Launches New Next-Gen Dictaphones
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The good old tape-based Dictaphone has been a popular tool for students, executives and journalists alike. Now with digital recording and storage capabilities, there is a better way of taking notes. And this is precisely what you get with the new Sony “next-gen Dictaphones”, the company says.

Owners of portable music players, such as iPods, can use those devices as digital recorders as well. Some portable music players actually come with a mic built-in, others, like the iPod, do not. But you can buy an add-on mic to give your iPod this functionality.

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If you don’t have a portable music player, or wish to keep business and pleasure separate, you can take the avenue of a dedicated digital notetaker, such as the UX70 or UX80, just released by Sony.

These come in 1GB and 2GB capacities, with an external mic input and a USB plug for easy PC-connectivity. Sony says the notetakers also feature drag and drop technology, which makes transferring files from the device to your PC or Mac quick and easy.

The device also features an MP3 player, and of course, you can use the 1GB or 2GB hard drive for storing other files, such as Word docs and powerpoint presentations. It is powered by one AAA battery and USB recharge.

They come in a range of colours, including black or red for the UX80 and silver or pink for the UX70. 

UX70 – $249
UX80 – $349