Sony On 3D Rampage With New HD Camera
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Electronics giant goes hell for leather in 3D department, with camcorders and 3DTVs.

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Its 3D 10x optical zoom camera , the HDR-TD10, which premiered in CES this week,  shoots two full HD streams through its dual lenses, which combine to give it the full HD 3D effect and also contains twin processors and sensors.

However, the battery life is a measly 20 minutes although the makers say longer life batteries will be made available to consumers.

Sony claims the device is the first true HD 3D video recorder, offering a full HD image for each eye and also plan to introduce 3D versions of its Bloggie camcorders and revamp its 3D editing and playback products in an effort to be competitive.

Panasonic already has a 3D camcorder.

“3D is far more than a science fiction gimmick” to highlight special effects. 3D is merely a reflection of reality,” said Sony Chairman Sir Howard Stringer at CES.

As reported by our correspondant at CES, Sony announced new investments in stereoscopic 3D TV technology in the hope of  they can knocking off Samsung to once again become the world’s #1 consumer electronics company.