Sony OZ Finally Confirms Vaio Notebook Overheating Problem
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Sony Australia has finally confirmed that hundreds of Vaio notebooks sold in Australia could overheat.

A note on the Australian web site says: “Recently, we became aware of a potential issue affecting Vaio notebook models VPCF115FG, VPCF116FG and VPCF117HG, available on the Australian market since January 2010.”
This is not the first time that Sony has suffered quality problems with their Vaio notebooks which are made by third party manufacturers in Asia. 
During the past four years the Company has been forced to recall, repair or replace over 1,000,000 notebooks.
In their latest recall the US Consumer Product Safety Commission said there were serious risks associated with the Vaio notebooks from Sony, and ordered a recall of over 500,000 models.
Sony claim that the problem can be fixed with a software patch.
The US consumer authority said that the overheating issue could pose a burn hazard for users; however, no injuries have so far been reported.
Sony Australia said: “If you own a Vaio notebook with the model numbers VPCF115FG, VPCF116FG and VPCF117HG Sony recommends that you download and install a BIOS firmware update specifically designed to prevent the potential overheating.” The web site includes a link to download the update.