Sony Sack 32 With Simple 98 Word Email
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At Sony a product press release is worth a thousand words but the sacking of 32 staff which was tipped by ChannelNews last week is only worth a 98 word email.

In a statement issued late this afternoon Sony CEO Carl Rose has engaged in pure PR spin in an effort to minimise the brand impact of the sacking of the 32 employees across the Sony Australia operation.

Rose who came back from the UK to head up the Australian operation said” Today I announced some structural changes within Sony Australia. These changes will result in 32 redundancies across the company”

The changes reflect a strategic shift to protect our competitive position in the local market as well as the impact of the global economic slowdown on projected sales growth.

After a thorough review across the business, we have made structural changes in the areas of AVIT Sales, Marketing, Strategy & Brand Development, Customer Service & Operations and Commercial Management”.

Late last week Rose was bragging about how the Company intended to spend millions on marketing and PR in 2009.
He added “As always, we remain committed to reviewing and monitoring the environment to ensure the long term viability of our business.

Missing from the press release is any reference to whether any senior management have been retrenched or whether another wave of retrenchments are expected later this year.