Sony Scores Again In Top Brand Poll
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It’s cool to own a Sony, Apple or Dell product but not the likes of Samsung, Microsoft Panasonic or LG if the results of the latest Harris brand poll are to be taken serious.

Sony is still one of the strongest brands in the world and so is Dell and Apple according to the latest Harris Poll of consumers in the massive US market.

Sony is the No. 1 brand in the USA beating out major rivals like Samsung,  It’s the seventh year in a row that the company has been ranked at the top in the brand survey.
Dell  remained the No. 2 brand, according to a news release from market-research firm, Harris Interactive. Coca-Cola moved to third place this year, up from fourth in last year survey.

The poll surveyed 2,351 U.S. adults between June 7 and 13. Respondents were asked to name the three brands considered the best — without being provided a list of names.

Half of the top 10 brands are for electronics products, the release pointed out, while three are for automobile and for consumer and packaged goods.

The top 10 brands, according to the Harris survey:
1. Sony
2. Dell
3. Coca-Cola
4. Toyota
5. Ford
6. Honda
7. Hewlett Packard
8. General Electric
9. Kraft Foods
10. Apple
BMW, Panasonic, Pepsi Cola, Nike and Mercedes didn’t make the top 10, but still received a substantial number mentions, according to the release.

Kraft Foods fell from its No. 3 spot last year to No. 9 this year, while Toyota moved its No. 4 rank from No. 10 last those were the two biggest movers in the survey. General Motors and Microsoft both dropped out of the top 10 this year.