Sony Tips Explosive Growth
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Sony Electronics is expecting an explosive growth in flat panel, plasma and LCD HDTVs over the holiday season.

Sony Australia is tipping big growth for their recently launched Bravia LCD TV’s. However unlike its US counterparts the company is reluctant to talk about it.

According to Graham Keogh, Product Manager, Plasma, LCD TV & Grand WEGA Consumer AV-IT Marketing said that Bravia sales have been “very good, in fact better than expected”. This is inline with sales of Sony products in the US market. He claimed that Sony Australia cannot comment on the percentage of sales made from these electronic products. He said, “We don’t release figures in Australia. What we talk about depends from country to country because of the non-disclosure agreements Sony has with manufacturers.”

Stan Glasgow, president of consumer sales in the US for Sony said “Sony Electronics has had the best October in its history. Sales exploded with a bunch of new products. We have seen amazing strength in LCD and DVD camcorders.” He noted that the LCD Bravia line that was introduced two months ago “has taken over the number one position in the U.S. dollars in LCD, 38 percent.” Grand Wega rear projection has 50 percent share in dollar terms, Glasgow claimed.

The popularity of Sony’s Bravia TV has reached across the Atlantic. Australian consumers are just as hungry for the product as their counterparts in the US.

Keogh said, “It’s translating into sales and we have only started half of the marketing in the beginning of October and it’s selling three times better than we expected,” he said. “Quality is becoming a key driver, although pricing is always up there. People have been duped into buying low resolution plasmas, which doesn’t even resolve DVD. I believe LCDs will catch up to Plasma and within the next 6-12 months LCD will take over the Plasma quantity wise.”

A survey by IDC conducted in October of what Australian consumers wanted for Christmas showed 70 percent of customers wanted a Bravia for Christmas. The survey was taken before Sony’s marketing campaign of the product. Only one month later retailers have stated not only are consumers asking about the product, it’s translating into sales.

Phil Moujaes, General Manager Bing Lee couldn’t give figures on how many units the retail chain has shifted, however he did state the product was doing very well.

 “They’ve been accepted and the response has been very positive. Although I can’t give any figures, I can say the popularity has translated well into sales,” he said.