Stenmark PR Winds Up
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Following news last week, that Hill & Knowlton will be replacing Stenmark Organisation as the PR company for Sony Ericsson, it has been confirmed that the Stenmark Organisation’s PR business will be winding up altogether.

According to Sony Ericsson Managing Director, Steve Wilson, “Damien Stenmark has made the decision to wind down the PR and Philanthropy side of his business following the buy-back of STW group’s minority share holding earlier this year. The decision was taken to allow Damien Stenmark to focus on his highly successful TV & online media representation business, and coincided with Sony Ericsson’s decision to follow our regional PR agency direction and consolidate our vendors.   Subsequently it is with sadness that we’ll be saying goodbye to the Sony Ericsson PR team at Stenmark Organisation when we wrap-up with them on 19th October 2007.”

“For over 4 years now, the Stenmark Organisation has provided PR services to Sony Ericsson. They have assisted us in growing the business locally, launching both Walkman and Cyber-shot phones, aided us in times of crisis and product recalls, and secured thousands of fantastic journalist and analyst reviews and articles,” he added.

Stenmark is yet to provide an official statement on the decision.