Steve Irwin Not The Only One To Die
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The death of Australian adventurer Steve Irwin, who was also known as the “crocodile man” sent several Australian news sites into melt down for up to 30 minutes.

As many Australians in the eastern states returned from lunch news quickly spread of Irwin’s death with tens of thousands diving into news sites to access information on his unfortunate death.

 The first site to go down was  that was also responsible for breaking the story. This was followed by Also struggling to keep up was the Fairfax sites and Omniture reports show that the initial traffic into the news sites was coming from Sydney and Melbourne with and accounting for up to 80% of the search traffic.

 “A lot of the sites seem to be going up and down,” according to producer Mark Higginson. “We lost NineMSN entirely. Although we don’t know for sure at this stage, I presume that the Steve Irwin story is to blame. We don’t know yet whether it’s local or international traffic that is responsible for this.”

A spokesperson at NineMSN said “”We acknowledge that NineMSN is experiencing difficulties due to the huge amount of traffic trying to access the Steve Irwin story. Some customers are having trouble loading the home page. We are trying to remedy this at the moment.”

 For many news organisations the problem appears to be internal servers or hosting sites as Telstra claims that there was little increase in traffic across the internet in Australia when the story broke.

Bigpond spokesperson Craig Middleton said at 3.45pm “There has been no spike in internet traffic in fact the traffic flow is lower than Fathers Day when many people were online sending emails.


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