Stop! Telstra Bill Police On High Alert
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Telstra is on high alert, sending out warnings to customers when they exceed their Freedom Connect limits. Telstra’s Freedom Connect mobile customers will now get a warning when they go over 80% their voice call, SMS and MMS monthly allowances.

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But even if the 80% warning is ignored, the Telstra team will send out a second alert once a customer goes over 100% of their cap allowance, meaning it will save you getting an astronomical bill for exceeding the limits.

Commencing today, alerts will be rolled out progressively over the next month, as each customers’ new billing cycle commences.

All eligible customers should receive introductory text, informing them of the service improvement.

The new alerts would help Freedom Connect users better manage their mobile plan each month, says Maryanne Tsiatsias, Telstra Consumer Marketing Director.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for customers to get the most out of their Freedom Connect plans and this initiative aims to give them greater certainty and control.”

Telstra already moved to reduce “bill shock” earlier this year by slowing data speeds when allowances are exceeded and not charging for excess.


This anti-shock program also includes point of sale summaries or ‘my offer’ which explains the have and have-nots of a mobile plan along with all fees and charges.

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