Storage Market Still Growing
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Disk was king in the third quarter with storage sales surging a record 13.3 per cent, according to market researcher IDC.

The storage vendors pulled in $5.7bn in the period. IDC noted that this was the highest growth rate since it started keeping track of the storage sector in 2001. Total petabytes increased 58 per cent year-over-year to 505 petabytes or half an exabyte.

“This is the third consecutive quarter that disk storage systems revenue growth has outpaced that of the server market,” said Brad Nisbet, an analyst at IDC.

In the external disk market, EMC remained the top dog with $786m in sales and 20 per cent share. HP, however, is catching up after posting a strong quarter and shipped $740m in systems to leave it with 19 per cent of the market. IBM, Dell and Hitachi rounded out the top five.

In all worldwide disk sales combined, HP took the top spot, selling $1.3bn worth of gear and eating 24 per cent of the market. IBM finished second with $1.2bn in sales and 21 per cent share, while EMC placed third with $786m in sales and 14 per cent share. Dell and Hitachi rounded out the top five.

According to a new report from IDC EMC is number one in NAS (network attached storage) for the sixth straight quarter, growing revenues nearly twice as fast as its nearest competitor and extending its lead on a year-to-year basis with 40 per cent revenue share. 

According to IDC, EMC and co-branded Dell/EMC external disk storage systems revenue, combined, grew by US$135 million compared to the year-ago quarter and represented 26.6 per cent of the total external disk storage market in the third quarter.

Howard Elias, EMC executive vice president, Corporate Marketing and Office of Technology, said, Our networked storage platforms form the bedrock of information infrastructures around the world.  These systems, along with EMC’s portfolio of software and services, are helping organisations accelerate their information lifecycle management strategies, providing unmatched protection, mobility and management for their information assets.”

EMC maintained leadership in every major external disk storage market segment in the third quarter including external RAID,  networked storage, open/iSCSI SAN (storage area network) and NAS (network attached storage). EMC was the growth leader in iSCSI SAN systems, doubling its revenues in this emerging market. EMC also maintained its number one position in external RAID disk storage systems revenue in the United States, Western Europe and Asia Pacific during the third quarter [b].