Struggling: BlackBerry Services Down Again
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Blackberry’s parent company RIM has recognised some of its customers are facing a BlackBerry services outage in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

BlackBerry’s email, messaging services and web browsing have all been hit in what The Telegraph reports as a ‘glitch.’ Engadget claim services were hit around 11AM this morning and have turned BlackBerry’s into shoddy devices that are only phone call and SMS capable.

Aggrieved customers of Vodafone in Egypt and T-Mobile in the UK were told their frustration should be directed towards BlackBerry, since BB has its own server that manages web browsing, email and BBM.

The company turned to twitter to acknowledge there are issues affecting its Europe, Middle East and Africa users, and claim they’re now being investigated.

Following the UK riots, BlackBerry has come under attack from hactivists (hacker-activists) who threatened the company’s BBM services if they cooperated with the police, releasing info on rioters who had a BB subscription. Worse yet, another hacking group threatened to shut down the service if BlackBerry did not do so themselves, in a bid to stop communication amongst rioters.