Study Reveals People Visit Shopping Centres To Buy Online
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A recent report reveals a concerning number of people make their way to shopping centres to try items on with the intention of purchasing them online.

The study conducted by Macquarie Equities Research revealed 18 per cent of shopping patrons window shop at centres before they purchase the products online.
The survey targeted 3000 white collar workers and revealed their preference for price over offerings was the basis of their decision to ultimately buy online. Supporting this is the 73 per cent of shoppers who claimed the performance of the Australian dollar influenced their shopping patterns.

The executive director of Australian Retailers Association Russell Zimmerman told “We are seeing a shift from customers researching online before going into the store, to the opposite which is going to the store and going away to buy online.”

“There are many reasons for this, including convenience, product range and a growing trust in online payment facilities.”

Zimmerman believes that smaller stores will need to adapt by embracing available online opportunities, such as social media websites for fear they may struggle to survive.

 “The important thing is for retailers to review their online presence and extend their market share while making it convenient and enjoyable for people to purchase their products.”