Sue You Apple: South Koreans Accuse iPhone Of Prying Eyes $26M Battle
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South Korea v Cupertino. Sound familiar? 27,000 iPhone holders claim Apple secretly collected location data from their smartphones.

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Pictured: iPhone’s ability to map and track user locations.

The mass group from South Korea, Samsung’s home turf, claim privacy violations and are seeking US$930 or one million won in compensation each, reports AP. 

 Incidentially, South Korean brand, Samsung, too are locked in an ugly patent dispute with rivals Apple, in which Cupertino, California based giant sought to ban sale of its smartphones and, in particular, Galaxy Tab in several countries including Australia. 
One of the lawyers representing the iPhone claimants, Kim Hyeong-seok, say his clients are seeking to protect privacy rights. 
Over 26,691 individuals have already filed a civil case, while almost another 1,000, believed to be minors, are to follow suit. 
But its not just the locals who are getting shirty with Apple – so are its authorities. 
 Earlier this month, Steve Jobs’ giant was forced to pay fine of 3 million won (around AU$2,700) to the country’s communications regulator, the South Korea Communications Commission, for violating local information laws. 
 Apple have landed in hot water before under similar data violation accusations, uncovered by two British scientists who found iPhone’s were tracking and storing user location data, but the iOS maker later blamed a ‘glitch’ although did admit devices “may collect, use and share precise location data,” accidentally, when cross examined by US Senate. 

 It also said its updated iOS software, version 4.3.3, allowed users to turn off location services if they so wish. 

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