Super Bowl: Why Samsung Is Cool & BlackBerry Just Isn't
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Samsung is working really hard to release some of the most innovative products yet, but working just as hard as their engineers, designers and the customers lining up outside their stores is the boffins in their marketing department.

After taking on Apple in a series of comical ads, Samsung’s wiz-team has been releasing a series of commercials featuring big-name celebrities. Their latest ad, aired during the Super Bowl, is two hilarious minutes of Paul Rudd and Seth Rogan bagging one another out as they compete for the privilege to be in Samsung’s commercial. It’s in the same vein as their riff in The 40 year old Virgin and Knocked Up.

The duo is joined by Bob Odenkirk of Breaking Bad and How I Met Your Mother fame, along with a surprise cameo I’d rather not ruin.

This simple, dialogue-driven ad differs drastically from the first Blackberry Z10 commercial aired during the Super Bowl. Brought to our attention by CNet, the BlackBerry Z10 ad features a character that spontaneously combusts, grows elephant feet and turns an oncoming semi into rubber ducks in an effort to show what the Z10 “can’t do.”

Check the ads out and decide for yourself. Enjoy