Surge Protector For Home Theatre
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A new surge protector provides sockets for up to eight appliances that can be used simultaneously, as well as dedicated sockets for cable TV, telephone and TV aerials.

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Most consumers don’t realise that power spikes and surges can destroy or seriously damage home theatre equipment plus computers, refrigerators, dishwashers – in fact any electrical appliance.

Called the Home Theatre 8 it comes in a silver housing, has a high-speed response time of less than two nanoseconds, will protect against a surge of up to a massive 1550 joules and has protection against EMI (Electromagnetic ‘noise’ Interference) and RFI (Radio Frequency Interference).

This unit also features a warning system whereby a series of three lights will show at a glance whether the system is working accurately, if it should be checked, and if the internal home wiring is properly earthed.

As with other metal oxide varistor (MOV) power surge protectors, the Home Theatre 8 will need replacing once it has been subjected to a major power surge or has been in service for some time and experienced numerous minor power fluctuations.  MOV surge protectors are known to provide the best protection against the biggest surges but do require replacing once ‘hit’.
Avico Home Theatre 8 power surge protector is available nationally from most electrical retailers, audio/visual outlets and department stores.