Swann Launches High Res 7-inch LCD Intercom
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International security monitoring and do-it-yourself video surveillance specialists, Swann Communications, has launched a colour video High Resolution Intercom that delivers crystal clear day/night images to a 7-inch LCD screen.

By utilising a pinhole colour camera that can easily be mounted in doorways, this affordable Intercom system provides 24-hour protection. It also features infrared night vision, automatically switching to black and white to enable viewing short distances in low light.

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According to Swann’s Vice President of Global Marketing, Jeremy Stewart, the High Resolution Intercom is advancing point-of-entry security.

“Video door-phones or intercoms have proven to be extremely popular video surveillance solutions. They deliver genuine comfort to people who are worried about who they let past the front door,” Stewart said. “What this product has done is to package all the capture and display benefits of high resolution colour video technology into a neat, easy-to-use solution.”

The company’s day/night camera that comes with this solution is small and unobtrusive and connects to a High Resolution 7-inch colour monitor via the 15 metre cable provided in the kit. Once installed, two-way audio allows the user to see and talk to visitors by using simple push button controls.

A range of customisable settings have also been built into the Intercom including different doorbell tones and adjustable picture and volume settings to suit different living areas. The pack includes mounting screws, plugs and everything needed to get started. A second monitor, providing the convenience of upstairs and downstairs viewing, can also be added.

Swann’s High Resolution Intercom is available in Australia from Dick Smith and Bunnings with a recommended retail price of $299 and can be self-installed without the need for an electrician or security expert. It is also available as a special order item through Swann’s Sales Centres and Showrooms, BSR and Leading Edge.