Symantec Adds Code Updates
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Symantec will deliver product technology updates to consumer and enterprise antivirus solutions incrementally to keep pace with threat developments.

In the past users were pretty much stuck with the latest edition of Symantec Antivirus and had to wait until a new release became available on an annual basis. This new initiative from Symantec sets a new benchmark for its competitors by offering product updates throughout the subscription period.

Throughout December, customers using Norton Internet Security 2006, AntiVirus 2006, SystemWorks 2006, AntiVirus Corporate Edition 10.0, and Client Security 3.0 received the updated scanning engine automatically through their products’ LiveUpdate feature.  To receive Auto-Protect Spyware Blocking, users were notified of a “critical update” and provided with instructions on how to manually download the package.

“In order for Internet security solutions to be effective, they must keep pace with the rapidly evolving threat environment,” said Enrique Salem, senior vice president, security products and solutions, Symantec Corp.  “By being able to deliver product updates such as these, we are providing our users with the assurance that their Symantec security solutions have the latest technology needed to keep them safe and secure online.”

The updated antivirus scanning engine now removes many of today’s most stubborn threats from home and enterprise computer systems through its new driver technology.  The engine works before the operating system loads – in kernel mode – and protects users against malicious code that attempts to hide from current scanning methods.  By operating in the kernel mode, the engine can open locked files, bypass programs running in the computer’s user mode, and initiate repairs during the system boot cycle.