Tab Attack! Apps, iPads, Wi-Fi
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Ok, so we all have tabs. But what in blue blazes are we doing on them?

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Tablet devices like the iPad and Google’s new Nexus 7 are attacking full force. Almost 40 per cent of Aussies quizzed in a recent AIMIA survey now own a tablet, more than double last year’s figure with another third planning a purchase in the next 12 months.

Mobile app usage is also on the rise with over 50% using 3-5 apps every week. 30% used six and or more mobile applications, with maps and navigation, games, news and weather the most popular among Aussies.

iPads were “clearly” the most popular type of tablets, the report shows, with just over three quarters of those surveyed owning one. However, with the arrival of budget devices like Google Nexus 7 and Windows 8 tabs, the game may change for non-Apple brands in the future. 

50% of respondents had both WiFi and 3G enabled tablets, while the other half had WiFi only devices.

Tablets were most frequently used to browse the web for information (thanks Google), entertainment and sending/ receiving emails.

However, satisfaction with carrier services remains low, although Telstra and Virgin came out well (except for network coverage in Virgin’s case), the AIMIA survey shows.

“Given the emerging use of tablets, the full story on the relationship between mobile phone and tablet use is still evolving. We’re seeing phenomenal growth in tablets, but of course smartphone usage is still on a steady incline.” says Dr Marisa Maio Mackay, Director of Complete the Picture Consulting, research partner for the report, said.


“What’s most interesting from this year’s report is that we’re seeing potential for the mobile phone and the tablet to be complementary devices.

“When we asked people to predict how they expected to use their phones in future, there was not a huge difference between tablet owners and non-tablet owners,” said Dr Maio Mackay.

The report also forecasts 50% tablet ownership among Australians to hit 50% by December and a whopping 71 per cent by mid-2013.