Technology & Appliance Advertisers Could Do Better
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Consumer technology and appliance advertisers who spend million on marketing using a media buying Company could get better performance if they focus on the people working on their account claims Richard Halmarick a former media agency boss.


He claims that the experience of people working on technology accounts is often lacking because of staff churns as high as 70% within some media buying Companies.

Halmarick the former head of Aegis Media who spent many years working on the LG account has established a new business called Kinessis in partnership with Allan Medford the former regional director of Universal Mcann and Alan Robertson a former part owner of Merchant & Partners.

The primary objective of the business is to help advertisers get better value from their media buying Company.

Halmarick claims that technology advertisers could do better if the people working on their account had a better understanding of technology. “There is a high degree of staff churn in media buying Companies and this could hurt as technology is a specialised area”.

“Improvement is better than simply asking agencies to pitch and replace the incumbent” said Medford in an interview with the Financial Review.

“We want to help clients get better performance as during a recession a lot of Companies place greater scrutiny on agency performance and media costs” said Halmarick.

The Company that will only work for vendors believes that a lot of reviews are based on price rather than performance.


Often media account reviews done by our competitors come down to the lowest common denominators that is, how low agencies can drop their fees and the ad buying rates agencies can extract from media Companies” said Medford.

“Fees and rates are only a small part of the story. Clients need to get a lot more from their media buying Company” he said.

In recent weeks ChannelNews has been told that at least three major advertisers are set to review their media buying Companies.