Telarus Now Offering Business WiMAX
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Telarus, the national infrastructure-based service provider, is now able to offer fixed WiMAX wireless broadband services across Sydney following a Master Services Agreement with BigAir, the only wireless broadband provider currently operating fixed wireless networks using 802.16d WiMAX equipment in Sydney and Melbourne metropolitan areas.

Under the agreement, Telarus can offer fixed WiMAX services offering symmetric speeds of up to 25Mbps within a network coverage area exceeding 1,500 square kilometres across Sydney.

Separately BigAir offers point-to-point wireless services in selected areas at speeds up to 200Mbps, with 1,000Mbps Gigabit services soon to be made available, but this doesn’t fall under the agreement.

Telarus signed a similar agreement with Pacific Wireless in April, allowing the service provider to offer wireless infrastructure services to businesses in the Melbourne metropolitan area.


According to Telarus, the BigAir service in many cases will be appropriate for Sydney-based customers in areas where existing DSL or fiber-optic services don’t meet their needs.

“Telarus has interconnected with BigAir’s network in Sydney, allowing us to deliver fast and efficient wireless services to business customers throughout the Sydney metropolitan area,” said Telarus managing director, Jules Rumsey.

“The addition of BigAir strengthens our data offering which now includes dialup modem, ISDN, a range of DSL offerings Frame Relay, Ethernet, ATM and now fixed wireless.”

Telarus also now has the capacity to offer live and standby services over different technologies with different carriers with its new range of disaster recovery options.


“Wireless services, as they are usually delivered to a mast on a roof rather than via a duct at the base of a building, have definite appeal for customers looking to put disaster recovery measures in place,” said Rumsey.