Telcos Spend $543.5 M To Secure Spectrum
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Optus, Telstra, TPG and Vodafone have secured spectrum in the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s (ACMA) 1800 MHz band auction, spending a total of $543.5 million.The auction commenced at the end of November last year, with Optus and Telstra emerging as the top two successful bidders.

Running over 179 rounds, bidders were able to identify and place bids on spectrum within the band in those geographical areas they valued most.

Optus was the largest bidder with $196 million, followed by Telstra with $191 million, while TPG totalled $88 million and Vodafone $68 million.

“Due to the high level of international harmonisation of this band for mobile broadband services, industry – and ultimately citizens and consumers – will benefit from the flow-on economic and social effects of this allocation process,” ACMA chairman Chris Chapman commented.

“1800 MHz spectrum is already used extensively in Australia’s major cities, mainly to provide 4G telecommunications.

“With previously unallocated 1800 MHz spectrum in regional areas now in the hands of mobile broadband service providers, the auction should enable improvements to the availability and performance of 4G telecommunications services right across regional Australia.”