Telcos To Revolutionise SMB In 2008
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Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are in for a “deep transformation” over the next few years due to the increased availability of tier-two service providers that offer solutions designed especially for SMBs including mobile broadband and IT outsourcing, according to IT analyst, IDC Australia.

SMBs have suffered in the past due to a lack of adequate IT offerings, especially information and communication services, says IDC.

Over the next few years, SMBs are set to embrace faster broadband connections, which will allow a range of further services to be delivered remotely, according to the analyst.

According to a paper by Jean Marc Annonier called ‘Top 10 Predictions Ausralia Small and Medium-Sized Business 2008: Give Me More Broadband’, over the next 12 months SMBs should watch out for the following predictions:

1. Service Providers Will Increasingly Host Core IT Functions
2. Managed Service Providers Will Offer Adequate IT Outsourcing Services
3. Consolidation and Virtualisation Will Simplify the Server Room to Host Mainly the Relatively Basic Storage and Remote Access Services
4. Voice Communications Will Be IP Based, Driven by Software Towards a Ubiquitous Unified Communications Model, and the Traditional PBX Will Be Doomed
5. Software as a Service Will Become Mainstream and Will Concern an Increasing Number of Applications
6. The Traditional Office Environment Will Not Change Immensely, Instead Will Continue Its Trends Towards More Mobility and Convenience
7. Telecommuters and Mobile Workforce Will Strongly Benefit the Progress in Fixed and Wireless Broadband Speed
8. Server-Based Computing Will Become the Platform of Choice for Branch Offices That Will Reduce Infrastructure to a Minimum
9. Electronic Transactions Will Become Prevalent in the Way SMBs Deal with All Third Parties
10. Availability of Faster Broadband Internet Connections Will Drive Changes, as SMBs Will Become Increasingly Network Centric