Telstra 3G iPhone Deal Essential Say Qantas Customers
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A research study of 50 Qantas Frequent Flyer customers has revealed that over 90% had heard of the new Apple 3G iPhone. More than 75% said that they would consider buying a new 3G iPhone however the bulk of those surveyed said that they would not buy a new phone if it meant taking out a new contract with either Vodafone or Optus.

More than 50% of those surveyed had phones connected to the Telstra Next G Network. Of these travellers 92% said that they would not buy an iPhone if it meant moving from the Telstra Next G network. Surprisingly over 8% of the audience already had an iPhone as well as another Smartphone.

The majority of those surveyed already owned either a Blackberry, Samsung, Motorola Q or Nokia smart phone. A key reason to buy the 3G IPhone appeared to be price, the inclusion of GPS and Google Maps. However the most important factor appears to be easier messaging and email connectivity.

The survey was conducted in a Qantas Lounge.