Telstra Android Tabs Hit Oz: Motorola Atrix, Dell 7
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Its looks like a Smartphone but don’t be fooled.

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Telstra to release a slew of Honeycomb tabs in 2011 according to ditherings on its blog. 

This nifty device is in fact a Honeycomb tablet supporting their 850 MHz 3Gnetwork and has dual core processor.

Although not fully confirmed in the blog,all indications are that Telstra have their eye firmly on the tabs ball and feel the Motorola Honeycomb is a good place to start.    

This move by the carrier comes as research reveals one in four Aussies will consider buying a tablet device this year, who are looking to get serious on tabs ahead of the rush with a range of other devices including Viewsonic ViewPad 7 and Dell Streak 7, according to Austroid predictions. 

Inspired by the recent visit to CES, Telstra’s Warwick Bray, marvelled about the functionality of Motorola’s latest innovation following his recent viewing, boasting it “be teamed with an all-in-one keyboard and 11-inch screen accessory that transforms the Smartphone into a laptop,” said the Executive Director in his blog.    

The device recently got its release in the USA under AT&T and in Canada, who like Telstra run on 850MHz 3G networks, so looks very likely run in Australia.