Telstra Finds CDMA Handsets Still Being Used
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Telstra is urging its customers to check whether they still have any CDMA handsets in their possession and immediately upgrade to the Next G network before the CDMA network closes on the 28th of January, 2008.

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This announcement comes after finding out that various CDMA handsets (like the Nokia 2112, the Nokia 6225 and the Nokia 2280) are stil being widely used.

According to Telstra’s Country Wide Executive Director, Gary Goldsworthy, Nokia mobiles phones are the most popular CDMA phones across the country. These phones do not have SIM cards (unlike GSM mobiles) and users will no longer be able to use the device when the CDMA network closes on the 28th of January, 2008.

“Our concern is that some customers don’t even realise they have a CDMA device, despite our repeated attempts to notify them through direct mail and SMS alerts. Some people only buy a mobile phone for emergencies, then put it in the car glove box or kitchen drawer and simply forget about it. No one wants a situation where a customer goes to use their CDMA mobile after the scheduled network closure on 28 January 2008, only to discover they have no service. You won’t even be able to be able to make a 000 call on a CDMA handset, once the CDMA network closes,” Mr. Goldsworthy said.

“We’re encouraging customers to take stock of all their mobile phones, work out if they’re on the CDMA network and upgrade to the Next G network where necessary. If a customer needs help then they simply need to visit their local Telstra Shop. Upgrading to a Next G mobile phone is quick and easy, and customers can keep their existing mobile numbers,” Mr. Goldsworthy added.