Telstra Focuses on IP For SMBs
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Telstra is gearing up for a massive shift towards IP usage by SMB’s and big business alike, and is positioning itself as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for IP data and voice solutions.

Group managing director of Telstra Business and Government, David Thodey, said IP will the dominant future data standard, with 70 per cent of their large customers starting IP migration.

“We have three strategic transformation priorities over the next five years: firstly, to
to lead customer IP migration and transformation; next, to build a ‘Telstra Only’ suite of services and solutions; and finally to differentiate on customer service and value creation,” Thodey said.

“Over the next three to five years we will become an integrated carriage, services and solutions provider,” he said.

Thodey said they would achieve this through bundling strategies, and by the ability to offer a single digital network with ‘cost-effective’ bandwidth

Thodey said 1300-Rubbish were an example of a small business which had adopted Telstra’s IP services to enhance the profitability of their business. He said they had adopted Telstra’s wireless data to dispatch trucks more efficiently, allowing drivers to invoice customers on the spot. He said this saved each driver two hours a day.