Telstra Gets Aggressive With HTC Desire Pricing
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Following the launch of Google Nexus One, Samsung Wave, and LG Optimus, Telstra announced that it has dropped the pricing for the HTC Desire.

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From $79, Telstra said that the Desire is now available for $0 on a $49 Cap.

In a tweet posted yesterday, the company said “Telstra announces aggressive pricing for the HTC Desire. To be available for $0 upfront on Telstra’s $49 Cap Plan from tomorrow.”

The Desire is powered by Google Android (2.1) and uses the HTC Sense interface.

Telstra said that the $49 Cap offers $400 in included value for standard national calls, SMS, MMS and video calls to any Australian network and has 200MB data for checking e-mails and browsing the Internet.