Telstra Launches Interactive 3D TV
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Telstra has unveiled a 3D TV initiative for the retail sector designed to engage new media savvy consumers at point-of-purchase.

The 3D TV initiative offers a communication medium that engages the new media savvy consumers in retail environments at point-of-purchase, with viewers being able to engage with powerful 3D content without having to wear polarising glasses, in what Telstra calls “Next Dimension Working” for its enterprise and government customers. Other content clips include purpose-built advertising, product information and brand messages for Telstra to demonstrate the power of this technology to the market.

 Telstra Enterprise and Government’s Executive Director – Convergent Sales, Paul Geason said: “Imagine the application of this technology to a traditional and crowded media space to create a new direct communication channel for organisations to engage and inform their customers about new products”.

 Telstra’s Retail Media Solutions partner, Prime Digital Media (PDM) has created purpose-built product and brand messages to demonstrate the power of this technology to Telstra’s enterprise and government customers. The flat-panel plasma display demonstrates a coming together of Telstra’s cutting-edge media comms and network capabilities, as well as PDM’s advanced 3D content production capabilities.

 Julie Frikken, PDM Creative Director said: “What looks like a regular plasma TV at first glance surprises and engages customers with content that reaches out and invites customers to look again. 3D TV will fundamentally change the rules and scope for communicating messages to the marketplace.”