Telstra Looks To US For More Business
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According to reports, it seems Australia is getting a bit small for our number one telco as Telstra is now looking offshore for more business opportunities through its US subsidiary Telstra Incorporated.

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Called the ‘Indirect Channel Program’, it will be aimed at getting Telstra products and services sold to customers through a growing network of resellers throughout the United States.

The program is designed for providing US businesses with the opportunity to improve their revenue streams, diversify their business and increase the robustness of their service portfolios with access to Telstra’s service offerings.

With the Indirect Channel Program, reseller providers will maintain direct control over their relationships with their clients and manage all aspects of the Telstra services.

And referral providers will also be able to share in the revenue based upon the prices they can get, without being responsible for the actual service delivery or troubleshooting.

A comment from Telstra was being sought at the time of publication.