Telstra Profit Slump 36% But $11B NBN Deal Lift Spirits
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Telstra revenue has fallen 0.5 percent to $12.283 billion – from $12.342 for the same half year period in 2009.

Profits have fallen 36 percent in the period.  

The communication carrier has seen growth in sales of their T Hub and T Box. They also claim to have seen an improvement in customer satisfaction during the second half 2010.

David Thodey CEO said that they have signed nearly one million new mobile customers and 139,000 new retail broadband customers in the period. 

Operating expenses for the period fell 10.7 percent due in part to the axing of over 300 senior management.

Mobile revenue increasesd $566 million while mobile subsidies increased 44 % to $457 million. 

Total PSTN revenue (landline) declined by 8.4% which is a slight improvement on the 9% decline in the previous period.
Tesltra confirmed their guidance issued in August 2010 claiming that they expected ” flattish sales revenue and a high single digit decline in EDITDA. ”

Operating expenses increases by $750 million.  

Telstra say they have finalised key commercial terms for NBN and expect to deliver approx $9 billion in value to Telstra. 

They also said they had reached in principal agreement with the Federal government over the specific measures that are expected to deliver a further $2 billion in post tax net value.

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