Telstra Rolls Out Pre-Paid Mobile 3G
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Telstra has rolled out its Next G wireless broadband Pre-Paid making mobile broadband flexible both by location and now price.

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Telstra Executive Director, Consumer Marketing, Glenice Maclellan, said “Pre-Paid Wireless Broadband is ideal for customers who are travelling or live in shared housing, such as students or for people who just want more control over how much they or their family are accessing the internet”.

“Telstra’s Pre-Paid Wireless Broadband has no contracts or minimum monthly commitments. It provides the ultimate flexibility, is simple to use and can be recharged at more than 5000 locations across Australia,” Ms Maclellan said.
The Pre-Paid Wireless Broadband pack includes a USB Modem, a Telstra Next G SIM card with $10 included credit and a high-speed connection to the Next G network.

Customers will connect directly to the Next G network and provides typical speeds of 550kbps to1.5Mbps and up to 3Mbps in selected areas.

Launching as of 22 September, customers will be able to purchase packs available to suit a range of usage needs from $20 re-charge through to $100 for an effective allowance of 6GB of eligible data each month.

Moreover, users will be able to recharge from their desktop using the Connection Manager with their credit card or by recharge card or electronic vouchers, which can be purchased from Telstra retail outlets.

The Next G Telstra Pre-paid Wireless Broadband Pack will be available from any Telstra shop or participating dealer for $149 and includes $10 start up credit.