Telstra Testing Mobile Phone Jammer
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Telstra will undertake laboratory testing of a ‘smart’ mobile phone jammer, that causes less interference with desirable telecommunications signals, it was announced today.

So what constitutes an undesirable signal? The technology may be useful in blocking mobile phone signals used illegally by prison inmates, says Helen Coonan, Minister for Communications, adding that the testing is being undertaken on behalf of the Australian Federal Police.

“The Government has previously opposed the use of jammers because of strong evidence that they interfered with telecommunications and posed serious safety issues,” Senator Coonan said. “However, technological advances in jamming equipment mean devices now being built may result in less interference to other mobile phone users.

“This is only the first step in testing this new technology and there are still concerns about the impact that jammers may have on legitimate telecommunications signals. This trial will provide information on the degree to which new devices have the potential to minimise these concerns.