Telstra To Double Wireless Broadband Speeds
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Telstra will be doubling the data speeds over its Next G network later this year. The company also said that regional Australians will be among the first to experience and enjoy these new speeds.Telstra’s CEO, David Thodey said that 100 regional towns and cities including Albury, Alice Springs, Orange, Broome, Ballarat, Roxby Downs, Port Lincoln and Newcastle will benefit from the new 3G modem when it becomes available to customers.

According to the company, customers using the new device called the Telstra Ultimate USB will be able to download files or surf the Internet up to twice as fast as those using the next-fastest 3G modem currently available on an Australian national network.

“Telstra will make this new technology available in 100 selected regional towns and cities at the same time as many capital cities, underlining our commitment to provide the best technology to Australians no matter where they live,” Mr Thodey said.

“Telstra has been investing in regional and rural Australia for more than 100 years, including through Telstra Country Wide for the past ten years, to improve the quality of life for people living and working in regional and rural Australia.”

“The first decade of Telstra Country Wide is just the beginning. Telstra is committed to continuing its investment in regional and rural Australia so we can provide local consumers, businesses, governments, schools and health services with the same leading edge services that are available elsewhere in Australia,” he said.

In addition to this announcement, Thodey also said that that the company had recently commissioned its 7,000th Next G base station, expanding Australia’s fastest national mobile broadband network.