Telstra To Offer Free Fast Broadband Notebooks
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Talk about wanting to blow your competition out of the water- Telstra is now offering a $0 upfront laptop promotion to meet growing customer demand for mobile broadband on the Next G network.

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Executive Director Telstra Business, Cathy Aston, says “Building on the success of the $0 upfront mobile phone offers that really took off in the 90s, we’ve decided the time is right to extend the same deal to mobile broadband”.

“Increasingly, mobile broadband-enabled laptops are as essential as mobiles, especially for business people. They’re easy to take to many places, you can even go away for a few days, take your laptop and stay connected to the business,” Aston said.

The Telstra Next G laptop promotion includes a laptop for $0 upfront (to the value of $700), an easy to use Telstra Turbo 3 Series device that plugs straight into a laptop and a 1GB data allowance per month for just $99 per month for 36 months, allowing customers to browse the web, check email and download documents.


“This package gives our customers access to the latest hardware and mobile broadband technology on Telstra’s Next G network, Australia’s largest and fastest national wireless broadband network, for a monthly cost of $99 for 36 months,” she said.

“This provides cost certainty and eliminates the stress of having to come up with a large upfront payment” added Aston.

The offer is available to all Telstra Business customers through selected dealers including Harvey Norman, ICT Distribution and Techhead Interactive until June 30. Minimum cost is $3,564 plus excess usage charges.