Telstra's Next Generation Network
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By 2009 Telstra plans to overhaul its access network, Public Switched Telephone Network (PTSN) and backbone infrastructure.

Customers will be able to access voice, video, data services on a common IP (Internet Protocol) MPLS core network and Telstra’s network will support high speed Internet (with speeds greater than 12 Mbps); mass deployment of VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol; multi-casting for advanced capabilities such as IP TV; seamless tele-commuting; video on demand and IP video conferencing.

The transformation will give IP network 77 times the capacity of the current network. The network will also reduce costs by consolidating the Wideband IP, ATM, Frame Relay and Digital Data Network from multiple networks into one common core network. Additionally Telstra will replace 116 old PSTN switched with 10 new voice soft switches. This will see traditional telephony services delivered using the IP core infrastructure, positioning customers for new broadband and multimedia service offering.

Telstra will upgrade its access network by providing IP based ADSL2+ equipment to four million services addresses, giving these customer’s access to speeds of 12 Mbps or greater. The company will deploy Fibre to the Node technology to 20,000 nodes and will upgrade 450 exchanges. Broadband-blocking technology will be removed, enhancing the availability and reach of this next generation capability. These commitments are subject to the same regulatory qualifications as apply to all Telstra presentations announced at the company’s strategic review.  

According to Susana Vidal, Senior Analyst, Telecommunications believes these changes are necessary for Telstra.

“Saying it will simplify the network because of its multiple network redundant partnership. Simplifying and cutting costs is absolutely necessary. Choosing Cisco for its IP Core (which is the heart of the network) will be huge for Cisco as Telstra is not only known throughout Australia, but worldwide as well. This deal is a value deal for Cisco,” she said.