The Revolving iPad $249
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Its the iPad that keeps going round. And round.
Meet Pure Contour 100Di – the revolving iPod/DAB+ dock compatible with Apple’s iPad, iPhone compact music station from Pure comes with a handy a revolving dock that can be tucked away when not required.

But that’s not all.

If you’re fed up of tracks on your iPod you can download Pure’s free Lounge App on your iPhone, iTouch or iPad and listen to thousands of internet radio stations, podcasts and recorded programmes from around the world via the dock.

So you can listen to anything from BBC Radio One to Kyle and Jackie O’s warbling on local Today FM.

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And the Pure Contour 100Di, also boasts +DAB digital radio giving with access to a breadth of digital-only radio, and FM stations not available in digital.

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Other features include a slim remote; two alarms; sleep and snooze timers; aux-in input to connect an MP3 player, headphone socket and a 20W RMS input.

And Contour 100Di is easy on the environment also – with EcoPlus, with components selected to minimise environmental impact, reduced power consumption in operation and standby, use recycled packaging materials