Thieves Swoop On Dockets At Aldi Store Claims Manager
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Aldi the supermarket chain has a security issue claims a store manager at their North Sydney store. She claims that consumers are picking up discarded checkout dockets from the floor and then entering the main area of the supermarket to steal items among their electrical goods.

The manager who offered to show ChannelNews CCTV footage of the thefts but did not want to be named said “We now have consumers with returns come to the front of the store where the till area is located opposed to entering the supermarket area. This is because we have a theft problem. People are picking up discarded dockets and then using them to steal goods” she said.

In some cases thieves are watching what a consumer has purchased and whether a docket is discarded before they strike.

Aldi who are selling small appliances, computers and tools have a policy of not putting computers or memory for digital cameras on display instead they use images and catalogues to promote their higher priced items like their new PC Workstation and the Aldi Medion notebook.