Toshiba Quadcore Notebooks Hot Off CES
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Toshiba has revealed a new line of notebooks fitted with the recently announced second generation of Intel Core CPUs at CES.
The Qosmio X505 now comes stocked with Intel’s latest creation, the Core i7-2630QM, or the Core i5-2410M, depending on whether you upgrade or not. The Qosmio sports a GeForce GTX 460 with 1.5GB VRAM and the latest NVIDIA 3DTV technology that makes this upgraded laptop a miniature gaming powerhouse.

The Satellite and Satellite L series are each available with either AMD or Intel CPUs, with a vast number of options for every price range.

The L series comes in the forms of the 13.3inch L645, the 14 inch L645, the 15.6 inch L655 and the 17.3inch L675. The CPUs range from an AMD selection including an Athlon II, Turion II or Dual and Quad Core Phenom II. On the flipside, consumers can pick up an Intel-driven notebook powered by either a first or second generation Core i3 or i5.

The Satellite M645 comes with a Core i5-2410M and GeForce GT 525M behind a 14 inch screen, while the A665 has a variety of AMD and Intel CPUs to choose from, including a Dual or Quad Core Phenom II or a Core i7-2630QM atop a 15.6 inch screen. An option for 3D is there to satisfy anyone looking to hop onto the 3D bandwagon.