Toshiba 'Satellite' Media PC Hits, $599 + Specs
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Toshiba launches seven Satellite notebooks for entertainment pleasure.

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The notebooks which range from $599 to $1499 are multimedia centres boasting HD viewing, clear superView display with LED backlighting, running on all powerful Intel Core i3/i5 processor family.

Toshiba’s new Media Controller also allows drag-and-drop to share videos, music and pictures from the media library across to other devices. Playing a video on the TV is as simple as dragging the file across to the TV icon, say the Satallite makers.

The Satellites also include USB 3.0 port  (up to 10 times faster data transfer speeds) and longer life battery.

And the range goes one step further with ‘resolution+’ which automatically converts low definition videos to High Def.

Satellite C660 | ($599 – $699)

Toshiba’s Satellite C660 is a budget notebook designed for everyday computing. Features include Toshiba’s LifeSpace and Media Controller apps, as well as face recognition and a numeric keyboard.
Key specifications:

·    Textured black finish and black keyboard
·    Next generation 15.6″ Clear SuperView display with LED backlighting
·    Intel Core i3 processor
·    2GB RAM
·    500GB hard drive


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Satellite L730 | (RRP $999)

The 13.3 inch Satellite L730 (pictured)  has a suite of audio and video enhancing technologies,, this notebook “is the perfect entertainment machine” say Toshiba.
Key specs:

·    Luxe white finish
·    Intel Core i5 processor
·    4GB RAM
·    640GB hard drive
·    Eco Utility Software to power use and minimise energy impact

Satellite L750 | (RRP $899)

Toward the top end of the range, the 15.6″ Satellite L750 is “stunning entertainment machine”  integrates well with other devices and is and can recharge in sleep mode.

Key specifications:

·    Comes in stylish cool grey with glossy black keyboard
·    Intel Core i5 processor
·    4GB RAM
·    640GB hard drive
·    USB 3.0 for faster data transfer

Satellite P750 | (RRP $1199 – $1499)

The top end Satellite is designed as a high performance “family notebook”,  features a TV tuner, 3D output and has the highest in build memory at 750GB hard drive.

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Key specifications:
·    Metallic urban finish with glossy black keyboard
·    6GB RAM
·    3D Hard Drive Shock Sensor to protect data

All seven come with choice of colours including ‘luxe white’, ‘cool grey’, ‘metallic urban’ and ‘textured black.’

“The Satellite range of notebooks ensure seamless connectivity in the home,” says Anthony Geronimo, Toshiba Information Systems Division (ISD).

“Today’s wireless world combined with new developments such as DNLA and more powerful CPUs means that true multi-tasking is now a reality.”

All prices listed include GST and are hitting “selected retailers” right now.