Toshiba Tunes Kids After Asus Eee Success
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Toshiba has put together a marketing campaign to lure students who are looking at purchasing a notebook computer before they return to school or university for the year.

The campaign is no doubt a means to cash in on the school-age market being tuned by Asus with its new Eee PC, which was developed for younger school children who aren’t necessarily ‘ready’ for a complete PC with word processing and other technical programs.

While Toshiba recognises that users who purchase its computers are generally university age and above, it says some of its notebook computers include programs suitable for young children, helping them learn in an IT-savvy environment.

Add to this Government rebates, and Toshiba could well lure school teachers and unions who are looking to deck-out their schools with new notebook hardware and systems.

Toshiba encourages parents with school-age children who are looking for a notebook to consider the following:

1. Tablet PCs are popular due to their portability and price
2. Choosing a reliable brand is paramount
3. Some students will require Bluetooth connectivity and WiFi