Toshiba USB Docking Station Hits Oz
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Displaylink and Toshiba are bringing the dynadock V to Australia. This universal USB docking station claims to link various devices to a PC with one cable.

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Using DisplayLink’s unique silicon and software solution, users can plug the Toshiba dynadock V – USB Mini Port Replicator into any PC or notebook with a single USB cable.

The dynadock V comes with a built-in HD Digital Video card to connect an extra VGA or DVI monitor with resolution up to 1920x 1080. The dynadock V also allows a user to view up to three displays simultaneously, add a full sized keyboard, mouse, speakers, printers, external hard drives, and even Ethernet.

DisplayLink’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Dennis Crespo said, “Toshiba is a world leader in mobile computing technology, and this alliance will give DisplayLink an entry into the important Australian market. We look forward to working with Toshiba to offer Australian customers a quick and easy way to enjoy a desktop-like experience from the notebook, easily connecting multiple monitors and organising all USB peripherals.”

Toshiba’s Product Manager for Notebook Accssories and Storage Devices, Phil Daidone said, “The dynadock V universal docking station has a full set of features in a compact, affordable package. It is the ideal computing companion for consumers and business travelers alike who wish to get the best productivity from their notebook investment.”

The dynadock V is available now with DisplayLink technology at leading Australian retail locations.