Tough i-Mate Phone For The Outdoors
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i-mate has released a new phone that is built to last, thanks to its lifetime warranty and tough military-grade build.

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The i-mate 810-F runs on Windows Mobile OS 6.1 and is comprised of waterproof rubber casing and exposed metal screws, a full QWERTY keyboard, and impact resistant touch screen.

According to the company, the 810-F is designed around the stringent MIL-STD-810F series of standards. These standards are issued by the U.S. military’s Developmental Test Command, a body whose role is to ensure equipment can withstand the rigours of the most extreme environments.

This means that the i-mate 810-F can cope with pressure, heat, water, humidity and even extreme shock. The company also claims that the unit can run at sub-zero temperatures (-10C) and can withstand temperatures of up to 60C. The unit can even be submerged in water.

i-mate’s CEO, Jim Morrison said, “Until now, users have had to choose between a compact phone that incorporates the latest features, or one that was big, bulky and very expensive that could cope with the rigours of a harsh working environment and survive use during adventurous outdoor pursuits.”


“The 810-F has been developed to meet the demands of the office, the work site and the outdoors.  It is all about performance; whether it’s the ability to perform in extreme conditions, or the performance under its skin. For adventurers looking for a phone to match their lifestyle, it’s the perfect answer,” added Morrison.

Besides having a lifetime warranty, the 810-F also comes with Secure i-Q, a service from i-mate that lets you use your PC to remotely lock, wipe personal information or alarm your mobile if it’s ever lost or stolen.

The 810-F is a full-featured Smartphone based on Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional with tri-band HSDPA and quad-band GSM/EDGE connectivity.  Also included is a 320_240 touch screen, 2.2GB of built-in storage, 128MB of DDR memory, 624Mhz PXA processor, 2MP camera with video capability, QWERTY keyboard, GPS, Wi-Fi, digital compass, accelerometer and Bluetooth.

The i-mate 810-F will be available in the next couple of weeks.