TRENDnet Enter Wi-Fi Ring
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TRENDnet, manufacturers of networking products, have announced a new 108Mbps Super-G Wireless family of products which promises to delivers faster speeds at farther distances.

“The installed base of 802.11 WiFi users has grown rapidly over the past couple of years, so it is important to ensure backward compatibility with previous standards,” stated Matthew Mann, managing director, BAXIT Services, the distributor of TRENDnet products in Australia.

“The Super G MIMO product line delivers better performance for both Super G MIMO and existing 802.11b/g users providing assured compatibility and helping protect previous technology investments.”

The new MIMO Router and Access Points support Traffic Shaping Quality of Service (QoS) which prioritises multimedia traffic such as Online Gaming, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and multimedia audio/video streaming. These high bandwidth applications require a fast and reliable network connection. Combined with 108Mbps Super G speed, the new family is ideal for multimedia enthusiasts.

MIMO uses multiple transmitters and receivers to send identical data along different paths finding the fastest, most reliable wireless connection possible. By having multiple radio transmitters and antennas, the range and strength of the signal is increased, not only for Super G MIMO clients, but for regular 802.11b/g clients as well. As a result, current WiFi users will experience performance improvements without the need for a dual-end MIMO solution.

The intelligence behind the antenna solution is often described as “beam forming.” The router receives feedback from the client adapter and has the ability to focus the direction of the signal around potential interference. This adaptive transmitting feature helps provide a more reliable signal at extreme ranges.

Available now from selected technology outlets, the 108Mbps Super G Wireless family includes the TEW-611BRP Router – $269, TEW-610APB Access Point – $269, TEW-601PC PCard – $149 and TEW-603PI PCI Adapter – $179 (all prices in AUD$ and inc GST).