Twitter Summons: Surrender Wikileaks Info
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US authorities are seeking vital information on the elusive whistleblowers.
 San Francisco based Twitter Inc have been issued a subpoena by their government  demanding an immediate handover of names, contact details and messages of founder Julian Assange and his team of hackers, in a bid to close in on the internet wild child, who continue to refuse to cooperate with authorities.

Bradley Manning, the American soldier, who initially set off the leaks is also being investigated.

More internet companies including Facebook and Google have probably been contacted by government officials says Wikileaks as the probe hots up.

US Senator Joseph Lieberman previously warned he would be “asking Amazon about the extent of its relationship with WikiLeaks and what it and other web service providers.”

Both Amazon and Apple have since dropped the site from its service.

The US, who were exposed to a string of embarrassing exposes, revealing private diplomatic communications and other ‘classified information’ courtesy of the whistle blowing site, are investigating possible legal infringements.


WikiLeaks said it was “opposing the subpoena order and is currently taking action to instruct US lawyers” and criticised the Americans for “intruding into the private lives” of WikiLeaks supporters.

Twitter has given itself ten days to respond to the summons.

Australian-born Assange is currently on bail in the UK pending charges of sexually assaulted two women in Sweden.