'Uh-oh, Battery Looks Sketchy': Samsung Scoffs At Apple
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Samsung’s hilarious send up of iPhone fanatics will have Apple seeing red. It even take a swipe at the dodgy battery and lack of 4G on the 4S in its latest ad campaign for Samsung’s Galaxy S II in the States.
The Samsung ad broadcast this week, a clear send up of recent iPhone 4S mania, shows hippy, cooler than school types – although not specifically referred to as Apple –  queuing up outside a store frantically awaiting the latest smartphone. 

Basically, the fans are depicted as part of a cult following, who are so under the spell of the promised-land iPhone, they don’t even care if the device is a dud.

One “fan” utters: “Guys I’m so amped I could stay here for three weeks”. Another shouts: “Hey, I think two people just left!”

To which another replies, “Why would they be leaving when we’re only 9 hours away.”

Other utterances among the over-anxious ‘fans’ include:  “If its looks the same, how will people know I upgraded?”

And smartphone rival Samsung also take the knife to Apple’s  iPhone 4S recent battery woes: “Uh-oh blogs are saying the battery looks sketchy” one ‘fan’ decries.

And when the impatient fans eye Galaxy smartphone users nearby, their attention is averted, but when they discover it is a Samsung, one of the cult posse declares:

“I could never get a Samsung ..I’m creative” while tapping on his laptop (presumably a Mac).

“Dude, you’re a barista,” his mate replies.


“This phone is amazing” one Samsung Galaxy S II owner breezily declares, hops in a taxi and takes off.

“Why don’t you just get a 4G phone?” another S II user asks the, apparently, “in” Apple crowd.

Samsung are trying to push their Galaxy S II advantages over the iPhone 4S, which include a bigger screen and faster 4G web speeds.

It then looks to lure iPhone addicts with the final utterance: “The next big thing is already here.”