Upgrade To Windows 8 Pro For Just $40
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Microsoft has ripped a page from Apple’s book, fighting off computer fragmentation by dropping the price of upgrading to Windows 8 Pro and throwing in Media Centre too.

Microsoft wants customers to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro. The more users it gets behind the latest operating system, the more effort it can justifiably invest in developing new features and offer more support.
To woo customers over to the new touch friendly version of Windows, Microsoft is offering the upgrade at just US$39.95 in 131 markets. Sound familiar?

It should, Apple has been doing it for years, offering updates to existing users for just $40.

The offer will be available to existing windows users running XP, Vista or Windows 7, with the migration of customers running older OS versions to Windows 8 helping Microsoft hedge the plaguing after-effect of fragmentation.

“But Wait: There’s more!”

Those who take Microsoft up on the offer can also download Media Centre “for free” through the updated software after the upgrade.
Be warned though: to score the discounted upgrade, CNET report users will have to do so via download and by using the Upgrade assistant. Alternatively, a packaged DVD version will be available from retail outlets for US$69.95.

The upgrade offer will run until the 31st of January, 2013.