Use Google Search On Your Own Site
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Google has launched a low-cost application enabling small businesses to utilise its search technology on their own websites.Last week, the search-engine giant launched a Custom Search Business Edition – a product that allows businesses to put a Google search box on their websites and enhance results for visitors searching within.

“Millions of businesses have a Web presence but offer users no ability to search their site,” Dave Girouard, vice president and general manager of Google Enterprise, said. According to Girouard, small businesses typically spend money on search engine optimisation to bring customers to their site, but they often don’t invest in making the site easy to navigate.

The Custom Search Business Edition does not require any software or hardware installations for set up. Once users purchase the product, they will go through a short setup wizard and will be directed to copy and paste a line of code into their website. Users will then be able to customise the search page with their own logo and colour scheme.

Additionally, small businesses have access to a reporting tool that delivers information about visitor behaviors, including reports of daily and monthly use of the search engine as well as popular search terms. Users can then customise search results with the Extensible Markup Language (XML) feature, which can be used to guide customers to specific areas of the website.

Custom Search Business Edition costs US$100 a year for searching up to 5,000 pages, and then jumps in price to US$500 a year for up to 50,000 Web pages.

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