Videoconferencing Made Simple
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A new IP videoconferencing system for small and medium businesses is now available from Sony – the PCS-TL33 IPELA features a 17.1-inch widescreen WXGA LCD that doubles as a PC monitor, in a compact, lightweight design.

Perfect for individual desktops of small meeting rooms, the videoconferencing system boasts an electrical pan/tilt/zoom camera with an 87-degree viewing angle and a 3x digital zoom for clear, intuitive videoconferencing.

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“The PCS-TL33 brings crystal clear videoconferencing to the desktop in a compact, affordable, portable and flexible unit,” said Sony Australia product manager, IPELA Business Solutions Division, Mark Franklin.

“In fact for the price of an average business laptop, customers will be able to add video conferencing capability to smaller meeting rooms where day to day meetings are held, often on key decisions.”

The unit has a codec (data compression/decompression) unit built in, making the PCS-TL33 a “full videoconferencing end point:, according to the company.


A step-up from the previous IPELA model, the PCS-TL30, the PCS-TL33 offers a range of enhancements for easier, more efficient videoconferencing including a ‘KIOSK’ mode that enables users to create their own customised GUI for the company, making videoconferences more suited to individual companies.

“The KIOSK function has broader applications than simply video conferencing. As the PCS-TL33 has demonstrated, portable videoconferencing units can also be used in unattended reception areas, such as those found in small businesses,” said Franklin.

The PCS-TL33 can also be used in conjunction with a VoIP phone system, using SCCP/SIP capability.

The system is also ideal for unattended services, such as remote consulting or customised distance learning, offering hassle-free configuration and set-up, says Sony.


Other features include clickable icons that make it simple to change display layouts, capture images and place calls; up to 30 contacts can be pre-programmed for one-click dialling and picture icons added to the address book; users can choose from Full Screen, Picture-in-Picture or Picture-and-Picture modes; a 3-window layout is also available, which displays presentation data on the left side of the screen while displaying videoconferencing images in two small windows on the right side of the screen; and users can use Memory Stick media cards to save and access data.