ViewSonic Announces Vista Certification
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ViewSonic has announced that its entire range of LCD monitors now carries Windows Vista certification.

This means that all members of the value, graphics, professional and X Series will carry the Certified for Windows Vista logo, so they will operate with Vista reliably and securely.

For example, ViewSonic and Microsoft have worked together to enhance productivity of the Windows Sidebar.

“We are living in a time when multi-tasking is commonplace, and that means the task bar on the bottom of every desktop is filled with numerous open applications,” says Dave Wascha, director of partner marketing for Windows Vista at Microsoft Corp.

“Widescreen monitors offer increased productivity benefits, and together ViewSonic and Microsoft are continuing the trend by offering user benefits that handle multiple tasks with greater ease and productivity.”

ViewSonic will upgrade its current range throughout the fourth quarter.

The company is also launching new large widescreen displays throughout December that carry the Certified for Vista logo.