VIPtel Customers Warned Of Scam
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Customers of mobile phone company, VIPtel, are being warned of a scam involving phone calls offering refunds in exchange for fee payments made through them.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission says scammers are targeting the company’s customers saying they are from Centrelink or an unspecified government deaprtment, and promising refunds if they pay a fee, which the scammer claims is the result of a court action.

The ACCC has received more than 60 complaints in the last 13 weeks, with VIPTel customers claiming losses of more than $3,000.

“This is a scam, there is no refund available and any money sent will be lost,” ACCC deputy chair Peter Kell said. “The ACCC advises VIPtel customers to hang up and not send any money.”

The ACCC has taken a number of court actions against EDirect Pty Ltd, which at the time traded as VIPtel Mobile. The ACCC confirms there are currently no refunds for any current or former VIPtel Mobile customers as a result of these court actions.

EDirect Pty Ltd is now in external administration and a company called M2 Viptel Pty Ltd has taken over all VIPtel Mobile customer contracts.

M2 Viptel is aware of the scam and is taking steps to directly warn all its customers via SMS, invoices and its website.


A notice on its website reads:

Fraudsters have been contacting some VIPTel customers and requesting that customers transfer money to them. Often, the fraudsters pose as VIPTel employees or Centrelink officials, claiming that in return for the customer transferring money, the customer will receive call credits, refunds or be represented in legal proceedings. Beware – this is a SCAM. If you have been the victim of a SCAM, you can report a SCAM to SCAMwatch via their website at or by telephone to 1300 795 995.”